Personalised Suppressor Sales

Buying a suppressor is expensive and time consuming.  Many first time suppressor buyers are frustrated waiting in line at a local store just to find out the salesman really don’t know much about them or are pushing what they have in stock.

Arclight Precision has dealer accounts with all of the major suppressor manufacturers including Thunderbeast, Innovative Arms, Silencerco, AAC, Gemtech, Griffin Armament and Liberty.  We answer all your questions and discuss your needs in detail to make sure you purchase the right suppressor the first time.  One suppressor can easily be swapped from rifle to rifle or pistol to pistol.  If your goals are clearly defined you can often purchase just one suppressor to do it all!

We are a registered dealer for You can select Arclight Precision as your local dealer and purchase a suppressor directly through them and it will come to us on a Form 3. Silencer Shop has the best selection of suppressors in stock and available for Form 3 transfer. Shop in confidence and use Arclight Precision as your local dealer.